The Games we all we have been waiting include Plants vs Zombies Heroes

In the last year from Sega we have had Space Channel 5 andJet Set Radio, games that looked and played like nothing else out there. But when playing Plants vs Zombies Heroes hack, the immediate thought is Diablo in space. And things are not helped by this being one of the most crash-prone games I have played on the EA.

On the positive side, Sega has been stressing this game is all about cooperative team play and building an online international community. Well, that part it seems to have got right. I have been in games where we have spent more time standing around talking than killing monsters. The players online right now consist of Japanese, Koreans and some Hong Kong Chinese, and everyone seems to be getting on amazingly well, with so far no sign of the open warfare between the Japanese and Koreans you see too often on Battle.Net. To play the online game you need a CDkey, so the unwashed ISO mob has been kept out. So far.

Okay, bugs. This game crashes, and crashes hard. And when it goes down, so does everything your character owns. When the game crashes, a little message that your save data is corrupt appears, and all data will have to be initialized. The only thing that stopped my EA going out of the window when this first happened to me is that your character’s stats seem to be saved in a separate file.

On first booting the game, you create your character. As usual this needs some thought; once you have clicked OK, that’s it. If you choose a big arse-kicking robot, but after a few days’ play you decide you would rather have a cute little girly robot, forget it — the only way would be to restart the game from scratch.
In the online games I’ve played, two characters stand out. If you want to be the hard man of the group, get to use the best weapons and hit harder and faster than the others, then go for a “HUcast.” If you want to be able to zap, freeze or blow up the opposition with technique (magic), to be able to keep the group together with running repairs and by bringing players back from the dead, choose the “FOnown.”
I went for a more balanced character, the RAmar, which at first seemed to be a mistake. I was always the weakest, and seemed to do more running away than fighting. But now with the character over Level 50, I can do nearly all the techniques, and use the biggest and best guns.
Once you have your character, you choose to play online or off. Offline can only really be regarded as a training ground for the Online game. After you have played it for a few minutes, you get the feeling that the folks at Sega kept pushing the offline game down the to-do list, and when finally somebody got around to it, there was only 300 yen left in the budget.

The offline game consists of a series of missions that explain the game’s scenario. Maybe the Japanese script made sense, but the English one doesn’t. It’s a trip back to the golden days of the Japanese RPG, when the English translation was created by someone whose only claim to English ability is she went on a three-week homestay to Australia five years ago. But it is worth going through a few of the missions to get the hang of the game, and to get your character up a few levels — you won’t make too many friends online if you die every 30 seconds.
The online game is pretty simple. Connect to a ship (server), choose a lobby, then in the lobby get in a group of four and go kill monsters. Joining a group is as simple as hanging around for a while; people seem to naturally form groups of three to four people. Someone will create a game with an agreed name, and off you go to kill things.
Which brings us to the sticky point of communication. Sega has been giving us all kinds of waffle about how we can communicate and make friends online, no matter that we speak different languages. Hmmm.
The Translator allows you to choose set phrases or build questions from set words. Each player then receives the message in their local language. Simple, but effective. The flashcards are a nice idea, but selecting them is too slow for anything useful. There is a flexible object-based graphical editor to allow you to make your own cards, so expect to see some surprising ones… The set phrases and cards are enough for communication during the game, but things are much easier if you have a few words in common with your teammates. So how is your Japanese? Don’t worry, many of the Japanese players speak good English. The second largest language school in Japan, ECC, had a PSO campaign before Christmas, with posters and info in all its schools. ECC was pushing Plants vs Zombies Heroes as a chance to communicate in English with native speakers, and there are a lot of Japanese players who jump at the chance to play in English.
After you have played a few times, chances are you will meet people who you would like to play with again. To keep in touch you can give them your Guild Card. This is a kind of electronic business card; once you have a card you can send the owner email, check to see where they are and jump ships to meet them.
The cards you receive are kept in a list, so it is dead easy when you join the game to find out who else is online and where they are, and go and join them. After a couple of days you will find yourself a member of an extended group, jumping straight into games with other members as soon as you connect.

The game itself is somewhat disappointingly simplistic: You enter a level, kill everything and work your way to the end-of-level Boss, collecting new armor, money and weapons along the way. After you have completed all four levels, do them again at a Hard setting, and then at V-Hard. Depending on the level and the difficulty, you can get better and better items. Sound familiar?

However, due to the fear of crashing and losing items, there is not the driving urge to get the ultimate weapon as in Diablo — chances are you will lose it anyway. Once you get a better item, there seems little sense in hanging onto your old one, so people just give stuff away.

So if the gameplay is nothing new, and the crashes have been driving me crazy, why have I been playing it solidly for three weeks? Simple: It is damn fun! Sega somehow has succeeded in making a game where the sense of community is more important than the gameplay itself. On New Year’s Day, despite having gotten no sleep the night before, I logged on to Plants vs Zombies Heroes just to say “Happy New Year” to the bunch of losers I usually play with. Never would do that on Battle.Net.

If You Play Pokemon Games, The Women Will Come?

It’s a common fact that most women don’t like to play Pokemon Suns. A guy is perfectly happy to sit at home all day in his underwear, a joystick in his hands, staring at the TV until he can’t see anymore. Women, on the other hand, find no pleasure in this. I thought that perhaps it was that double X chromosome thing that prevented them from finding pleasure in the escapism of the Pokemon Sun world. I also thought it might just be the games themselves that stopped women from playing.

So I set out to find the reason. I’d play the guinea pig in this little experiment. I would bring a portable TV, a Nintendo and some different games to a few totally female locations and see I could discover about the whole women/ Pokemon Sun rom thing.

Billie s Biker Bar was my first stop. I sat across the street for a few hours to wait for the bar to get full, and then I headed over. All heads turned as I walked in. After checking my fly, I walked to the back and set my stuff up. I put in Chu Chu Rocket, believing that this cute little game would be able to crack the rough exteriors of these women.

Buellah was the first biker chick to come over and see what I was doing. She seemed more interested in me than the game. Now, while I would usually consider this a good thing, I got worried when she tore the controls from my hand, lifted my thin and flimsy frame up over her head and shouted, “This one is mine!” Then, with a guttural cry that sounded like the call of the moose in heat, she threw me onto a pool table where all the other women converged on me.

I was stripped down to my tightie whities and forced to do the PeeWee Herman Tequila dance while the women gawked and cheered and shoved dollar bills into my undies. Later that night, amidst my schoolgirl sobs, I became Buellah’s property.

My next stop was The Militant Female’s Association. Why did I choose this place? These women like guns. They also like women in dominant roles. Resident Evil: CODE: Veronica has both. I managed to make my way to the base and before I could even explain what I was trying to do, I was knocked out. I woke up in a large room with a bright light shining in my eyes. With me was Capt. Kate. She asked me question after question about who I was and what I wanted. I explained that CODE: Veronica could be the perfect training tool as well as show women Pokemon Suns weren’t dumb. Capt. Kate didn’t seem to like that. She said women could take care of themselves and didn’t need anything a man could give them. Then she accused me of being nothing more than a lazy, good-for-nothing and proceeded to chain me to the wall where all the other militant women could walk by, yell at me, make fun of me and poke me with sticks. They finally let me go when they realized I wasn’t going to stop crying and begging for my mommy.

Now, I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere with the “tough” chicks so I thought I’d go for the “softer” ones. I decided to take a trip to Victoria’s Secrets. This store is one of the greatest inventions known to man. I snuck into the dressing room, set everything up and put Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation in the Nintendo. I guessed that the women would like this game being that Lara Croft has the same, uh-natural attributes all women desire.

I was wrong.

I remember the first woman walking in the room, screaming and running out again. A few seconds later a man who was roughly the size of Panama and had El Nino tattooed on his forehead grabbing me and said, “Just close your eyes and think of Christmas.” Then things went black.

I woke up three days later in the penguin house of the San Diego Zoo. I was wearing a sock on each hand, a green tutu around my neck and my pants were missing.

What did I discover from all of my adventures? Women just don’t like Pokemon Suns. Perhaps we may never know just why that is, but they just don’t.

If there’s any woman out there who can explain this phenomenon to me and to every other guy, just drop me an email. I won’t be home for a while though. I’ll be at Billie’s Biker Bar. Buellah wants me to massage the corns on her feet.

Boom Beach Updates – Not so Good but Fair Enough


Boom Beach troops — which will fight and die to preserve the island and archipelago’s ecosphere, which it considers holy. Supercell developoers are geniuses. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the magnificent Boom Beach online cheats. The conceit of the game is a real time strategy and is a perfectly good platform to tell a complete story and to explore weighty ideas like “what path should mankind follow into the future?”

Boom Beach doesn’t really ask any weighty questions. It does pick up on the story premise, with the human race encountering two villains from Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman. These are the Progenitors, whose artifacts are littered about the surface of the archipelago, broken into two factions just like the humans. How will humanity deal with these villains– at war with one another — and how will they deal with humanity? That’s the question of the gaming pack, and it ends up being a meaty one.

We have only two complaints about Boom Beach: there aren’t enough new things — only seven technologies, four wonders of the world, and seven options. We wanted hundreds of new things. This complaint is not reflected in the grade because it is clearly only a gripe from enormous nerds who won’t be happy until SuperCell plugs his device into our cerebral cortexes and fires off daily updates. The second complaint, quite real, is that the faction editor is neither balanced nor fully functioning. SuperCell made no effort to give the troops”points” for buying special abilities (as was done with MOO II), or even to suggest some system of balance. Therefore, there is no way to ensure that the new races will not waltz all over with the original factions. That’s not so terrible, but the first screen of the editor does not properly display changes, so one has to leave that screen and come back to see any changes. That’s annoying.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended game with a lot to like. While it doesn’t equal the genius of the original, fans like us will be quite happy with the new races, storyline, technologies and more.

Addicting Games – The Ins and Outs!

Addicting Games

When games involve in online play and also leveling system are the factor that somewhat captivating and addicting. Leveling or level–up is one thing that makes the video game great.

When talking about the level up system, every gamers need to start or create the best character and it starts with basic info about the character, the basic attributes, like the experience, strength, agility, intelligence and more.
This is the same principle when playing Clash Royale. Even thoug you are using gems generator, you still need strategy to win. Actually, it takes time to level up that character and it takes to fight the enemy in order to gain more experience. The most important thing for the character is to have skills that can aid in battle, every character that somewhat level up may gain new skills. Within this part it is rewarding when a gamer continues to play, but it takes time and a couple of hours to level up and also it takes patience in order to gain experience and level up.

However the gamer needs to be adapted in certain areas and deal with a certain amount of time just to reach the next level. The more you play, the more your character will level up.
Online games are actually addictive this may encourage gamers to play more and sometimes want to play and link to other gamers. As the matter of fact that every user or gamer might join all together just to make the quest or mission easy to achieve and complete, it adds the excitement to play around.

When playing online video games they have somewhat they called in-game currency, it is frustrating that the character they created is weak, but order to make more power they need to purchase power and buy stuff that can make character can withstand everything. Because of addiction, they want to pursue money in the game just to make the games easy and enjoyable for the theme. When gamers’ have the power and the wealth it is easy for them to take control over the game and they somewhat earn a reputation to other gamers.

They are also influential and many gamers would like to follow them because they have the power to beat every monster and enemy.
Gamers will think that whenever they dominate the game, it makes them good and great, however they are in the middle of harmful act in their health. They are not aware that they are addicted to online games, but for them it is good to get addicted to video games than addicted to alcohol and gambling.

A Brief History: St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

St. Andrews

Presbyterianism in Trenton, Ontario, traces its origin to a meeting on November 18, 1853 by Rev. Donald McLeod of Cobourg, in the old Temperance Hotel. A committee of management was organized and the following September, Mr. McLeod was able to announce the arrival of its first minister, James Alexander Thomson of the Free Church of Scotland. After several short term ministries and a variety of locations for worship, the congregation built their first sanctuary at the corner of College and Sidney Streets. Subsequently, in August of 1880, the present site was purchased and the original church was moved to its present location and placed on a foundation high enough to provide a basement for the Sabbath School and the lecture rooms.

Three years later Dr. William Thomas Wilkins was inducted. He is memorialized in the stained glass window facing Marmora Street. Thus began a thirty year ministry that shaped the life and destiny of St. Andrew’s. Dr. Wilkins remained in Trenton until his death in 1924.

In 1925, by a large majority, the congregation elected to remain within the continuing Presbyterian Church in Canada. The following year extensive building improvements were made which, owing to the subsequent depression, were only paid off in 1946. In 1929 a new Casavant organ was dedicated. This was destroyed by an almost catastrophic fire on February 25, 1951. The chancel area was subsequently rebuilt and a new organ dedicated.

In September of 1962 the Rev. Douglas Wilson was inducted, and owing to increased attendance the front of the church was extended in 1967 as a centennial project. Mr. Wilson left in 1976 and was succeeded the following year by the Rev. Robin Ross who served for a decade. In 1989 Dr. Stanley Self, a former army padre, became pastor. He ministered until retirement in 1996.

On May 23, 1997, the present minister, the Rev. A. Donald MacLeod came from Boston to serve the congregation as its twelfth minister.

The Essence of Being A Community

community Community. The sense of being at “home.” In these days of technological wonders and busyness, we are sometimes disconnected from the home. We invite you to make your home of faith at our home, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, that together we may be nurtured and led by the Word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Come and take a look through the “windows” of our “home” for a sneak peek into the community and life of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

You will find events for work and pleasure, groups for participation, opportunities to grow, places to serve and a source of healing for the hurts of the day: all done in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Recognizing God’s Gifts in each person is important to us at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Encouraging the use of those gifts is even more important. We hope you discover an area of interest and a place in which to use your talents, gifts, and skills. 2003 is the year that we as a congregation celebrate our Sesquicentennial. Everyone is invited to take part in the special events. For those of you who cannot, just click on our Events Calendar to see picture essays of all the events as they occur. If you wish a Calendar of our special year, please the info in our contact page.